Expertise 2

Bob’s vision of making a difference through technology, shaped in his over 15 years experience, led him in putting up his own interactive media consulting and production company – TechCellar Business Solutions. TechCellar has enabled the success of emerging and growing business organizations in the digital marketplace – from strategic web presence and visibility planning and execution, direct response marketing, to research and web business analytics. Since its establishment, TechCellar has achieved a number of breakthroughs in the e-market. It was in 2006 when TechCellar co-sponsored the publishing of the first e-Commerce 101 book for Philippine Market entitled “eBusiness Made Easy” which was the official Internet roadmap for small and medium enterprises, authored by Joey Alarilla. The following year, TechCellar introduced rich media advertising in the country. In 2008, TechCellar expanded its production support to emerging digital agencies and publishers. Subsequently, TechCellar introduced post-click campaign analytics in 2009 and pioneered digital marketing in Cebu the following year. In 2011, TechCellar became the official e-commerce client platform integrator in partnership with AsiaPay. That same year, the company extended its marketing field to Facebook application and social media marketing. In 2012, TechCellar Chief Success Enabler Robert “Bob” Gantuangco successfully initiated organization of the Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines Inc (DCOM), bringing together the major digital commerce players in the country today. Among his successful business engagements are with major real estate companies, Philippine Web publishing and community websites, online ad agencies and various digital commerce projects.